DRBY Conference Workshops

Shining the Light: The Dharma of Relating to People
(Doug Powers)

How do we better relate with people? Why can’t people just get along? In what ways can Buddhism contribute to healthier and more harmonious communities? In this workshop, we will explore teachings that promote peace and happiness within families, friendships, communities, and beyond.

A Treasury of Wisdom: An Introduction to the Sutras
(Dr. Martin Verhoeven)

For someone new to Buddhism, approaching the Buddhist canon can be as daunting as hacking through an impenetrable jungle. Yet learning and understanding the Sutras can deeply benefit one’s practice. So how does one begin to approach them? This workshop will offer guidance and tips for navigating through the vast and rich treasury of wisdom contained in the canonical texts of Buddhism.

When Were You Last Happy?
(Rev. Heng Sure)

Happiness – everyone wants it. Many people claim the pursuit of happiness as the ultimate goal in life. The Constitution even enshrines the pursuit as an unalienable right. How strange that since we're all seeking it and striving for it, so few of us really know what happiness is, how to get and how to keep it. Why does it seem as though chasing happiness leads to its opposite: unhappiness? Rev. Heng Sure will offer some comments about a fundamental understanding of real, lasting happiness and share some of the Buddha's insights on distinguishing satisfaction, contentment, the source of happiness (hint: it comes from giving). He will suggest that joy can result when we stop running towards happiness and away from pain. So when was I last happy?

Cultivating Freedom: Buddhism as More Than Just Meditation
(Sramanera Chin He)

Buddhism may be synonymous to meditation and mental training in the eyes of many Westerners, but developing a strong practice that requires more than just sitting in meditation. In this workshop, we will take a broader and more comprehensive look at practice and will highlight the important roles that ethics, mindfulness, lifestyle, diet, and fitness play in helping us to live fuller and more meaningful lives.

Perfecting the Wisdom Within
(Dr. Ron Epstein)

Buddhists often speak of the importance of developing “wisdom.” But what exactly does wisdom, or prajna, mean in the context of the Buddhist teachings? What do Buddhists mean when they say that someone is “wise?” We will hear from Dr. Ron Epstein on the vital role that wisdom plays in treading a spiritual path and the tools we can use to become wiser.


Dedicated to the Dharma: Why I Became a Nun
(Dharma Master Yin & Priscilla Yeh)

For those of us who want to dedicate our lives to the spiritual path, monastic life is one option. So why become a Buddhist monastic? In this workshop, a Buddhist nun and her mother will share with us their experiences, challenges, and joys of treading the Buddhist path.

Kalyanamitra: The Benefits & Blessings of Spiritual Friendship
(Closing Panel: Various DRBY speakers)

In contrast to the enduring image of a solitary monk meditating in a cave, spiritual friendship and community have always been a respected and central part of the Buddhist tradition. Having good honest friends who are able to lend support, give timely advice, and gently guide each other when the need arises is extremely important to lead a balanced spiritual life. In this panel, young adults will speak from their own experiences about the benefits and blessings of practicing Buddhism with a community of friends, guides, and teachers.