who we are

The Dharma Realm Buddhist Young Adults (DRBY) consists of college students and young adults who are interested in applying Buddhist principles to their daily lives. DRBY is a community of young people who are searching for wisdom and are committed to helping others while advancing on their own spiritual path. This community provides support for each other's spiritual cultivation and inquiry into life's deeper meaning in a friendly and open atmosphere.

what we do

DRBY offers various activities ranging from annual conferences designed for introducing people to Buddhism, to retreats designed for group study of the Buddha's teachings and for first-hand experience of monastic life. Our activities generally feature group meditation, study of the Sutras, self-reflection, and discussion on the application of Buddhism.


In 1970, the Ven. Master Hsüan Hua (1908-1996) envisioned the creation of DRBYA. Since then, DRBYA has grown from a small group of students affiliated with the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA) to a community of youths from diverse backgrounds who are eager to apply Buddha’s teachings in issues ranging from personal identity, social engagements, to philosophical curiosity. We are building an environment for self-inquiry and self-understanding.


join us

If you are curious about how the Buddha’s teachings can help you

› discover yourself
› reduce stress and conflict
› think independently
› and, see the world with an inquisitive mind,

come join us at one of DRBYA’s upcoming events. You may also join our email list.